Welcome to Yobees, the Kiwi-owned & operated company, where you have access to:

  • Apiculture brokering
  • Queen breeding and royal jelly 
  • Pollination & honey
  • Consulting

We'll be happy to help, please have a look at the rest of our site and beautiful photos to find out more about us and what we are all about.

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Yobees Services:


  • We buy and sell bulk and packaged honey
  • We are an agent for selling beehive software and hardware technology
  • we have access to high-performance Manuka cultivars

Consulting for Beekeepers & Landowners


If you are a landowner and not sure if you have the best set up or agreement, then that's what we are here for. You can get the professionals on the job and get the most up to date apicultural information.


  • Opportunities for improving your returns from your current beekeeping arrangements.
  • Indications of what you could be getting from honey produced on your land from various beekeeping/land arrangements.
  • More knowledge of what's happening on your land and what results you can/could get from it.
  • Security, theft or damage to a property (more likely in high-risk areas).
  • Expand your knowledge on apiculture.
  • Don't run the risks of doing it yourself, maximize the potential of your land. 

Beekeeper or Newbie

Whether you are an experienced beekeeper that wants to update or a newbie that needs mentoring.


  • Opportunities to improve your honey yield and hive numbers.
  • Improve safety and site security.
  • Opportunities to get the best hive monitoring technology
  • Beekeeping training and mentoring (there's nothing like hands-on).
  • Opportunities to improve communications with Landowners, staff and beekeepers.
  • Opportunities to improve traceability.

Queen breeding

Yobees is involved with producing royal jelly and high performance queens. The queens are selectively breed for a honey harvest and some are breed for higher royal jelly production. Yobees can supply guaranteed good quality queens. With certain Varroa resistant genetics. Part of Yobees Research and breeding program is gathering the best performing queens from the hives that do the best.

Royal Jelly

This is Yobees second season producing royal Jelly. This is a new setup for yobees. We've had experience with producing royal jelly in Japan and we are trying to set up a similar practice. 


Yobees has years of experience in pollination of different orchards. Such as: gardens, Kiwi fruit, apple, and decorative gardens.

Contact us for more info on any of our services.