Mānuka Honey from Central north Island/Whanganui

*The health benefits of New Zealand Manuka honey are well known with undeniable reviews and lots of science behind the UMF™.

Yobees are proud to be a small business, passionate 

about producing quality, natural Manuka honey.

 From selectively bred Manuka cultivars and healthy bees,

 to high-tech extraction and packing, we ensure the highest quality.

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Manuka Benefits

NZ Manuka Honey Improves Sleep

Manuka Honey helps to promote restful deep sleep. It slowly releases the glycogen needed for essential bodily functions during sleep. Adding honey to milk at bedtime helps the body release melatonin into the brain, which is necessary for deep sleep.º

Beauty Treatment and Health Booster

Taken daily, Manuka honey has an elixir effect that boosts energy and enhances your quality of life. Because of its nutrient-dense profile, it boosts vitality, youthful energy, and has been known to improve skin tone and texture.º

Helps with SIBO, Acid Reflux

Small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), low stomach acid and acid reflux go hand in hand. Because of Manuka honey is known natural antibiotic qualities, it is a great medicine for any bacteria-related disorder.º

About Yobees Honey

Welcome to Yobees, the Kiwi owned & operated company,
Where you have access to; Apiculture brokering; Queen breeding and royal jelly; Pollination & honey; Consulting.

We'll be happy to help, please have a look at the rest of our site and beautiful photos to find out more about us and what we are all about.

Yobees are proud to be a small business, pouring our passion for quality, natural, Mānuka honey into every step of production, from our hives to your home.

Please Note: International Shipping is coming soon.
Contact us if you would like to order from outside NZ and we can arrange this for you.

New Zealand Mānuka

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Manuka Honey Improves Dental Health

The high mineral content of the manuka honey, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc, in particular, help build strong teeth that resist tooth decay. Besides that, eating manuka honey and chewing the propolis resulted in a 35% reduction in plaque formation, according to a study conducted by the School of Dentistry, at the University of Otago in New Zealand.

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